Consulate General Welcome Back and Meishi Exchange Event

Thank you to everyone for coming out for a very successful combined event that featured an excellent turnout from both alumni and exhibitors, and widely-praised service and food from the LAX Marriott. We thank the Consul General for his support of JETAA, and this event in particular. Thanks to all those who helped make this event possible, and we hope everyone benefited from it. Thank you to those who were able to leave comments on the exit survey; if you didn’t get a chance to leave your thoughts on the event, please contact Judith and get a short questionnaire that you can fill out. If you would like to see another networking event similar to this one, please let us know. Hope to see you at upcoming events.



Meishi Exchange and Consulate General’s Welcome Back

Consul General Ihara, in conjunction with JETAASC, will be hosting the annual Welcome Back Reception for the new JETs, as well as a Meishi Exchange job fair at the LAX Marriott, on November 4th at 6:30pm. We have invited potential recruiters, universities, and JET professionals in a capacity to make hiring decisions to participate in this professional event. 

This event is free for recruiters and JET professionals and those seeking resources in their career search.

We invite all JETAA members, especially those looking for employment, and transitioning their careers. We want to give resume and interview advice, as well as connect alums with recruiters, companies, and graduate schools.

Finally, we hope you can help us welcome back the new returnees, and help them get back into life in southern California.

The Consulate General of Japan is generously sponsoring this joint event, and as such, attendance is limited, so email your RSVP in as soon as possible:

This year’s officers have been working hard with previous officers as well as the consulate to improve the Meishi Exchange. In order for us to make the event more relevant and useful to JETAASC members, please take the time to RSVP by filling out this short questionnaire. Please feel free to add your name on Facebook and this page, however, to officially register for this event, you must send this information via email to Frankie Murphy

The deadline to RSVP is October 26th, however note that registration will have to be closed when the event reaches capacity.

City / ZIP:
JET years:
Company / organization (not required):

At this year’s event, are you most interested in: (Mark any that apply)
___      Professional networking
___      Finding a new job
___      Social networking
___   Assisting new alumni professionally
___   Obtaining information on graduate schools

Complete the section that applies to you:

___  I. I am currently employed


I am willing to assist newly returned JETs by
___    Referring a potential job candidate to your company HR department or hiring managers
___    Reviewing and advising on resumes
___    Giving advice on how to get a job after JET
___    Speaking about my experiences with career searches or culture shock upon returning

___  II. I am now searching for a job


I am interested in
___ Registering with recruiting firms  [ ___ including bilingual firms]
___ Interviewing
___ Resume advice
___ Advice from veteran alumni

___ III. I am currently interested in graduate school
Fields I am interested in:
Schools I am interested in:

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. We very much hope to make this event highly beneficial to both hiring professionals and new returnees and other alums looking for career advancement.

We will continuously provide updated information on participating companies, universities and others on this website and the  Facebook page.

Come dressed professional and bring your resume, and we look forward to seeing you there!


“Three Apples” Hello Kitty art show


Royal/T, a maid cafe-slash-art gallery in Culver City, will be hosting a Hello Kitty-themed art exhibit from October 23 through November 15, 2009.

Three Apples (also Hello Kitty’s weight) is a multimedia exhibition of Hello Kitty-related art, produced by Sanrio in celebration of Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary. Over 80 contemporary artists, including Gary Baseman, Ron English (shown above), Natalia Fabia, Buff Monster, Amanda Visell, Luke Chueh and Tara McPherson, have reinterpreted the famous symbol of kawaii for this special exhibition to be held in Los Angeles for North American Hello Kitty fans. The concept speaks for itself.


Little Tokyo Walking Tour: 大成功!

IMG_1218We had a tremendous time on Saturday walking around Little Tokyo and learning about the secret (and not-so-secret) history of the place. Afterwards, many of us gathered at Oiwake for some delicious food, and reminisced about our times in Japan! All in all, great fun.

We’ve uploaded some pictures of the event, just to make you jealous. Check them out right here.

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  • If the Japanese consulate asks for a list of JET alumni along certain criteria (i.e. all JETs who’d lived in a certain prefecture), we will pass along only your name and email address. This is a rare occurrence, maybe once every year or two.
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