Joe Moore
Karatsu-shi, Saga-ken, 2010-2013
I am looking forward to 2017, working with a great group of leaders finding new ways of engaging JET Alumni in our community and bringing people together to celebrate Japan, the JET Programme, and our shared experiences.

Jonathan Slakey 
Miyazaki-ken, 2008-2010
Aside from eating the local farm’s delicious mikans and getting demolished in lunchtime games of dodgeball, my favorite part of JET was meeting all the friendly and adventurous fellow JETlings. I aim to keep that spirit alive here in LA by exploring the city’s food and culture with fellow JET alums, and getting out to the surrounding area’s mountains and natural spaces. Excélsior!

Jay Briones
Kameyama-shi, Mie-ken, 2010-2015
Photographer and local adventurer. I will be updating you on all things JETAASC!

Spencer Wittmeyer
Yabu-shi, Hyogo-ken, 2012-2014
All fellow JETs I met during my time in Japan were supremely kind and welcoming. I hope to repay this community’s generosity by serving as your treasurer this year.

Alice Wang
Public Relations Coordinator
Nanao-shi 2012-2015, Kanazawa-shi 2015-2016
I had a great time on JET and hope to stay connected to the JET alumni network in Southern California! よろしくお願いします!

Charles Lin
Networking Coordinator
Warabi-shi, Saitama-ken, 2002-2004
I love to connect alumni and help leverage relationships in order to facilitate professional growth. Attorney, basketball, networking, eating well.

Greg Beck
Social Coordinator
Hiroshima-ken, 2006-2011
I love craft beer, snowboarding, and board games, and my goal is to plan fun, diverse events that pull lurkers back into the fold!

Patricia Frisoli
Membership Coordinator
Hyogo-ken, 2005-2008
eDiscovery Professional, looking forward to another year of keeping the pulse of our alumni through membership surveys and records management.