7/1/17 – Pre-Departure Seminar! Seeking Volunteers

This year we are having the JET Pre-Departure Seminar at the Four Points near LAX on July 1! The officers have been working hard on this for the last few months, so we want to share with you what has been happening.

Similar to previous years, we will be having three breakout sessions for attendees to choose from, as well as the popular round table discussions later in the afternoon. Speakers from the consulate, JETAASC, Travel Agency, and Harvey Hihara will be speaking during the morning session like in previous years.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help out with the Pre-Departure Seminar. Since our rooms are split this year, we will need volunteers at two key points in the hotel assisting with directing the participants. This is a great event with a lot of energy coming from the new JETs. If you’re interested in helping out, then please fill out and submit this volunteer sheet: https://goo.gl/forms/bat8ZP0qkNrIf0mz2

When: July 1, 2017
Where: 9750 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Contact: (626) 367-6118 or president1@jetaasc.org