JQ Magazine Needs Writers!

The following is a message from JQ magazine editor Justin Tedaldi (Kobe-shi CIR, 2001-02). Hosted online by the global JET alumni resource site JETwit.com, JQ is a New York City-based online publication that posts original articles written by JET alumni and volunteer writers.  


Following JETAA New York’s quarterly meeting in Manhattan this month, JQ is now looking for new writers from all JETAA chapters worldwide to write and share more material that we can post online to the widest JET readership ever. Many of the stories we post are written by members of our New York area chapter, and one of our goals is to increase exchanges with other chapters, especially those outside the U.S. If you’re interested in sharing some advance stories with us, we’d be glad to share our own features with you in return—virtually any idea is fair game as long as you like to write!


Over the years, JQ has published stories on JET alumni events and activities along with Japan-related features on culture, art and entertainment. In recent years JQ has made a name for itself with exclusive celebrity interviews. These include J-pop superstar Hikaru Utada’s longest and most in-depth interview she’s ever conducted in English; original KISS guitarist Ace FrehleyScott Pilgrim comic creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, and award-winning JET alumni authors like Roland Kelts (Japanamerica) and Bruce Feiler (Learning to Bow).


Right now at JQ we’ve been posting an average of one article a week, and are always looking for fresh and varied content. Read our current stories here, and if you’re a chapter newsletter editor, please pass this message along your writing contacts as well if that helps get any takers. If you have a timely story that you’d like to run ahead of your own publication’s release, we can publish your ahead of your own newsletter’s release, which is great promotion for your forthcoming issue.


For more information, and if you’d like to join JQ’s Brainstorm Crew for quarterly updates and story ideas, contact JQ’s editor Justin atmagazine@jetaany.org. A current list of story ideas for fall 2011 can be found here.